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Who Are Four States Websites?
And, Some Frequently Asked Questions!

Here is a brief history on our beginning at Four States Websites along with some Frequently Asked Questions & Answers...
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Our Beginnings...


In the 1990's, the Internet was still "young" and online content was in short supply. The "lack" of online information gave birth to the Open Directory Project and an organization called DMOZ (later acquired by America Online - AOL).

Our founder, Tom Spurgeon, owned and operated two businesses in the Four State area: First Impression (outdoor advertising and printing services) and Spurgeon and Associates (an advertising agency serving companies and businesses across the U.S.)

Early each morning and late into the evenings, the founder of Four States Websites volunteered his time contributing content to the Open Directory Project for his assigned categories: COFFEE and UTILITIES.

As word spread among the customers of Spurgeon and Associates and First Impression Printing and Outdoor Advertising (of Tom's work with the Open Directory Project) many of these customers asked that "their business" have a website developed and be included ONLINE.

So, in 1997, Four States Websites was born to serve a limited number of customers in southwest Missouri, southeast Kansas, northwest Arkansas and northeast Oklahoma ...why - a limited number of customers?

Website development and design was (VERY MUCH) in it's infancy in the late 1990's and the goal of Four States Websites was to provide exceptional service at an affordable rate (a business model we still follow today). Company's like Labette County Medical Center in Parsons, Kansas, Citizen's National Bank in Ft Scott, Kansas, Kaffe Thomaso in Columbus, Ohio, and a handful of others were among the first clients for Four States Websites.

As website development grew, more clients requested service from Four States Websites. So, in an effort to adequately serve the increasing need, additional programmers from around the area were added. Over time, our business continues to serve many of the area's successful businesses, organizations and individuals who expect quality service at an affordable rate.

Do You Sell "Hosting Only" Service ?

The simple answer is – “Sorry, no” …We look forward to moving your existing site to our network of servers and continuing renewal of your current domain name under our umbrella of services. However, Four States Websites is here to provide “all-in-one” design, redesign or regular updating of your current website and hosting services using the latest of technologies so it performs in the manner you expect. And, we deliver all this service at an affordable COMPLETE Service Plan

Can Four States Websites Provide E-Commerce Support ?

Yes! When it comes to an incredible e-commerce experience, an online store should be special and unique. As a friendly suggestion, please be cautious of those services who DO provide “pre-packaged” e-commerce templates. You may find that adapting services or products to “fit” an e-commerce pre-made template doesn’t fulfill the potential or growth of a “custom made” online store.

While we specialize in “custom-designed” websites that look, function and are more affordable than most “template-provided” website services, we have learned to let the experts DO WHAT THEY DO BEST.

… In other words, when it comes to processing online orders, we are happy to provide the customized Shopping Cart, but strongly recommend using specialists for online financial transactions, such as PayPal, Amazon, VISA and others. We will be happy to develop an ecommerce solution that BEST fits your needs and works seamlessly with an established online financial transaction service.

Is Custom Video Really Available ?

Yes! Since 1997, we have provided high-quality, award-winning videography used in a variety of websites or broadcast applications. Four States Websites will EITHER visit your location personally and collect as much, or as little, video needed to tell your story OR use video you provide.

A Few Testimonials From Our Many Happy Customers


Since 1997, we have been serving a variety of customers from the Heart of America. Our website design and programming professionals have decades of state-of-the-art knowledge behind them and our network of servers ensure our customer's website service remains reliable. We LOVE what we do and look forward to providing you the BEST in website development and hosting services at an affordable and complete service plan.