Frequently Asked Questions

The simple answer is - "Sorry, no" ...We look forward to moving your existing site to our network of servers and continuing renewal of your current domain name under our umbrella of services. However, Four States Websites is here to provide "all-in-one" design, redesign or regular updating of your current website and hosting services using the latest of technologies so it performs in the manner you expect. And, we deliver all this service at an affordable Complete Website Service Plan.

Yes! When it comes to an incredible e-commerce experience, an online store should be special and unique. As a friendly suggestion, please be cautious of those services who DO provide "pre-packaged" e-commerce templates. You may find that adapting services or products to "fit" an e-commerce pre-made template doesn't fulfill the potential or growth of a "custom made" online store.

While we specialize in "custom-designed" websites that look, function and are more affordable than most "template-provided" website services, we have learned to let the experts DO WHAT THEY DO BEST... In other words, when it comes to processing online orders, we are happy to provide the customized Shopping Cart, but strongly recommend using specialists for online financial transactions, such as PayPal, Amazon, VISA and others. We will be happy to develop an ecommerce solution that BEST fits your needs and works seamlessly with an established online financial transaction service.

Yes! Since 1997, we have provided high-quality, award-winning videography used in a variety of websites or broadcast applications. Four States Websites will EITHER visit your location personally and collect as much, or as little, video needed to tell your story OR use video you provide.
Yes! Depending on the amount of video needed, we can certainly customize ANY of our Complete Website Plans to include video.
There are some amazing website designers available to build custom websites from $100 to $1,000 per page and higher. There are also some great website hosting services, some equipped with a variety of pre-made website template-designs. These services can vary from $5.00mo to $40.00mo or more.
For individuals who have time and knowledge to design, develop and deliver a performance-driven website, we would encourage use of pre-made website designs with hosting service. Over the years, we have worked with a number of these customers when they become disappointed in the amount of time required to maintain a great performing website and also disappointed in search engine results a pre-made template may deliver.
The difference at Four States Websites is: We combine custom-made, top-level designing, redesigning and regular updating of websites along with hosting, establishing (or renewal) of the domain name and individual search engine performance services "under one roof". We are able to provide ALL these features inside a great selection of affordable service plans. (FYI - a majority of our clients subscribe to one of our four Complete Website Service Plans.
Absolutely! ...We would however recommend visiting with us FIRST. At Four States Websites, we custom-build each site to fit the needs of our customers - affordably!
If you design your own site, you "may" leave some important features out of your design that will prevent it from performing as well as it could.
Our design process is divided into THREE simple steps. Step One - We visit one-on-one with our prospective customer and determine the BEST website features for their business or service. Step Two - Once we have a clear understanding of their needs, we begin the design process. Step Three - After receiving initial design approval, we begin building or coding an actual working example of the "HOME" (or INDEX) page. Once the initial "HOME" (or INDEX) page receives final design approval, we continue building the website based on the approved design direction.
We will place your initial website in a web address location only you have access.
After final approval, we will secure your unique domain name* (or move your existing domain name) and move your website to our servers where EVERYONE will see it! ...* - your unique domain name comes after www."yournamehere".
Four States Websites can provide as much, or as little, support necessary for Social Media updates.
We have learned however, only you can provide the necessary information to keep your Social Media content relevant. If you like, we would be happy to assist in keeping the information you provide "updated" in Social Media outlets.
We HATE losing customers...we understand, however, needs change! That's why we stand ready to assist you at every step. Even if it means removing your site from the Internet.
An IMPORTANT NOTE HERE... At Four States Websites, we don't associate your site inside another site. We can't help if any changes are made after moving or removing your website away from our services.
In the early days of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), some websites were designed poorly which prevented the site from "ranking" as close to the top of search engine results as possible. Website designers learned to "optimize" the programming code, images, video and other website content... making the content more relevant, easier and quicker to "load" from the computer server (where the website is stored) across the Internet to the viewer's device.
Today, website designs may miss important information to perform as well as it could or the programming language is too difficult or out-of-date for some computer servers to "interpret" across the Internet. So, it's important to find a company that can help deliver a website that performs as well as you expect. Four States Websites is here to ensure your site is "optimized" to serve your needs now and in the future.
The easiest way to explain - is to demonstrate... If you're viewing this on a computer screen, RESIZE your screen so its larger or smaller... If the information on the page moves "automatically" to resize with your screen, the website is DYNAMIC or RESPONSIVE to size within the viewable area.
If it does NOT resize automatically, you might see a "bar" appear on the screen that allows you to move the information in different directions. At Four States Websites, our designs are dynamic (or responsive) and built using latest technologies to ensure your custom website performs at its BEST!
The short answer is... whatever it takes. We do shy away currently from the old FLASH language however as support and acceptance of this language is at an all-time low.
Since 1997, we maintained a "behind-the-scenes" service for a select group of customers. As our technology and services grew, we decided to make ourselves available to everyone. We have developed a number of websites for Municipalities, Health Care Facilities, Banking, Service and Professional Businesses.
After agreeing to the terms of our services, we bill up-front three months of your monthly service plan. Once the completed website design is approved, we apply your up-front payment toward your account. After three months, we can EITHER provide a monthly statement* or automatically deduct the service level from your bank account. (*- Monthly Statements can be automatically deducted, paid by credit card or company check within 30-days of receipt)
The short answer is, probably. Over the years, we have assisted a majority of businesses develop or improve their online presence and search engine performance. In a few situations however, our suggestions to improve search engine performance were not always accepted.
Absolutely! As every website we build is a custom design, we like stretching the limits of creativity. When we can, we look forward to the opportunity.
This step is easier than you think. We simply make a request to move the "Domain Name" (E.g. www."mysitename") from your current website host to our network of servers. The person who has the authority to release the website ALLOWS this step to occur. Once we receive the Domain Name, we contact our new valued customer to inform them - "the transfer is complete". Now, we review any pending "direction" for needed website design changes with our new customer... it's that simple!